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Nowadays it is more common, even for experienced surfers, to rent a surfboard at the travel destination.

What do we have?

Our complete collection of surfboards (shortboards, Malibu's, softboards, longboards, you name it) makes for a great opportunity to travel light. With us you can try various surfboards and experience the ocean through a different perspective while improving on your wave riding skills and fully enjoying yourself. Our range of wetsuits allows small children as young as 5 through to an XXL adult get in the water.

Come over and check out our discounts for guests!

Surf Shop


We opened a little surf shop and rental spot on the first floor of our surf camp so our guests don not have to go too far to buy souvenirs. You can find local products here such as magnets, postcards, bags or nice t-shirts and sweaters, all made in Portugal.

We also have a good selection of technical surf gear like leashes, pads, wax, fins… Don´t worry if you forgot something at home, we have everything here!

We offer bike, board, wetsuits, skates and longboard rentals. You can book your surf lessons here or find out any information about the hostel.

Traveling the world with your own equipment can be exciting, but it is also extremely expensive. Additionally, if you are taking your surfboard on a plane, train, bus or taxi, there is a bigger chance of damaging your precious cargo. This is why we are offering you the whole range of the surfing gear: wetsuits and surfboards in all styles and sizes. 


As you see, we have a lot and that´s only a small part of our quiver!


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