Surf Guiding

Exploring is a big part of surfing, so why not have the surftrip within the surftrip itself? This is where our 20 years of experience surfing the Peniche area comes to play…so why settle with the crowds of the more obvious spots when you can take advantage of all the “nooks and crannies” waiting to be surfed? Surfing secretspots is part of the surf experience and probably one of the best may I ad… our guiding service will take you there, at the right spot, on the right time, for each combination of swell, tide and wind!

You can take a look at our photo section, it speaks for itself. Our surf guiding service works for groups of 3 to 6 persons. For further details please check our price list below.

Price List

Service ½ Day 1 Day 1 Week (5 Days)
Surf Guide (Incl. Local Surf Teacher) 20,00 35,00 150,00

* Prices per Person.

Surf spots

Surf spots

For many, the best waves in Portugal and one of the best in Europe. A world class spot, and stage for WCT events! Fast and tubular wave, that breaks perfectly on a sand bank. It works best with SW swells and N, NE or NW winds. Amazing barrels, and perfect for aerial maneuvers.

Molhe Leste

Fast and tubular. Right handed break, next to a pier on a sand bottom. It needs a lot of swell to work. Best with N or NW winds and SW swells. Ideal for intermediate and advance surfers.


Left hand reef break. It is long, breaking on a coral reef. Extremely manoeuvrable wave. Best with S, SW and SE wind and north swells. It is ideal for intermediate and advance surfers.

The Bay

Waves for all kinds of surfers. Dozens of breaks, you just have to choose the one you like the most! Works best with NW winds and NW swells in Cantinho (just next to our surfschool), or with S, SW or SE winds and N or NW swells in the middle of the bay. Ideal for all levels of surfers.


A long extension of beach to the north of Lagido. Several surf spots and it works when the waves are smaller in Baleal. It is a left and a right break with a sand bottom. Best with S or SE winds and northern swells. Ideal for all levels of surfers.


Next to Almagreira, just up north. No crowd, and several breaks. Best with S and SE winds and N swells. Ideal for all levels of surfers.


Rock bottom wave. Excellent right hander, for intermediate and advance surfers. Best with NW winds and S and SW swells.

Surf paradise


Trip Advisor

Excellent Value & Experience.

Alex has a very unique approach, offering dedicated surf tuition to small groups. Consequently, you get a better quality of instruction and overall experience...

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