Surf Camp

When one thinks of surfcamp, what comes to mind, besides perfect waves every day? Great accommodation / apartments and effective surf lessons, that’s what! Since this is Peniche that we are talking about, the wave part is more than covered, which leaves us with the before mentioned. The surf course/ surf lesson involves all that is related with the surfing experience, this means learning not only how to ride waves with a surfboard, but all it takes before and after those magical moments in the ocean, thus improving your chances for better rides in the future. Relax and have safe fun, by choosing Alex surfschool your in good hands! It’s all about quality, so our surf lessons have the limit of 6 individuals per teacher, so you get guaranteed attention, essential to progress.

Surf Camp – Lessons With Shared Accommodation

* Also available packs with private accommodation.

Three Day Pack One Week Pack 10 Days Pack 2 Weeks Pack
231,00 399,00 620,00 758,00
3 nights + 3 days of surf 7 nights + 5 days of surf 10 nights + 8 days of surf 14 nights + 10 days of surf
2 surf lessons of 2 hours per day

One week prices include the following services

Other prices

Group Lessons

Season Low season 15 July - 31 August
One lesson per day 30,00 35,00
1 day - 2 lessons 55,00 60,00
5 day - 10 lessons 250,00
10 day - 20 lessons 450,00

Private Surf Lessons

Number of Lessons One Person Two People Three People
1 Lesson (2 hours) 60,00 100,00 140,00
Surf camp
Surf paradise


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Alex offers a personalized approach with each of his clients -- paying attention to every little bad habit in my surfing skill (or lack thereof) and giving me feedback constantly -- even when a group consisting of wide range of experience...

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