Peniche is a peninsula surrounded by waves, always has a surf spot with the offshore wind, making for beautiful and organized waves... ready to be enjoyed by the surfers that know where to find them. Besides being the most consistent place to surf in Portugal and Europe, Peniche and specially Baleal have the laid back style very characteristic of Portugal and the Portuguese, but also, due to all the international visitors and residents, Baleal is like the Surf city within the Surf capital that is Peniche nowadays. But don’t worry, it’s still a lovely village… where life goes as slow or as fast as you wish. The surf possibilities are immense, almost endless, so don’t stress about the crowd at the more obvious surf spots... there is always several alternatives, that Alex will provide and show you.

Peniche beach

Peniche was once an island, nowadays, the stretch of land (mostly sand) that connects it to the mainland is the only place where you won’t find waves. In 20 minutes you can check several surfspots of opposite wind directions and different swell exposure. How perfect is that? Extraordinarily special that’s for sure, thus making for extremely spoiled local surfers and very lucky visitors. A surf resort like this doesn’t come by easy, nor does surf holidays, usually get so productive. And how can one not mention the famous World Tour event, the prestigious Rip Curl event at Supertubos, the Portuguese Pipeline offers quite a show and opportunity to see the world’s best elite surfers battling it off in heavy tubes just a few meters from the spectators.

Baia de Berlenga

Also a great nightlife with a very surf orientated vibe, all year, but especially during the summer months, there is no lack of other distractions, like the fresh fish or visiting the island of Berlenga just 6 miles offshore of Peniche. Of course if you want to sample the other culture and food offers, besides the regional, you are still close to Lisbon, capital city of Portugal, rightfully so regarded as one of the most interesting cities in Europe and worldwide.


Surfing is special in the sense that it has a different meaning/ purpose for each person… you see it’s a very complete activity at so many levels! For some it’s a sport, for others a therapy, a social activity, a religion, an art form, you name it. It also takes you to beautiful places, and that’s the case of Portugal, Peniche and Baleal.

Peniche food

So besides the awesome surfing experience you can also sample the great food, wine, bathe in the beautiful beaches, party at the cool surf bar’s, snorkel, fish, walk around or ride a bike, go-karts, play tennis or golf, boatrip to visit the island of Berlenga, enjoy the traditional open space market at Caldas da Rainha, the old castle town of Óbidos and its famous “Ginja de Óbidos”, which is a natural handmade sour cherry liqueur of unique quality, that you can sample in tasty little chocolate cups. And of course Lisbon is fairly close if you want to visit or checkout a different nightlife. A surf holiday is always so much more than the surfing!

Surf paradise


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